ADVICE | Making Super Matter

For some people, super may be the most valuable asset they’ll ever have. So it makes sense to know how much you have and how it’s invested. But it’s very often the case that young people, in particular, see super as being something that’s of low concern.

Making super matter is about bringing forward the conversation to what you can do with your super here and now, whether it’s currently invested in companies you care about and how you might be contributing to super right now. Importantly, by making these choices you are actually building the future you’re going to be living in and retiring into.

Through super you can hold a wide range of investments such as shares, property and cash. Super is attractive because it receives favourable tax treatment, both when you are working and once you have retired. The government offers these tax savings to encourage you to build your super assets.

Strategies that we can assist with:

  • Voluntary Contributions:
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Concessional (Tax Deductible)
  • Non Concessional (Non tax deductible)
  • Spouse contributions