About Us

At Accord Financial Strategies our conversations focus on you the client, your ethical concerns and your personal financial goals.

We work with you to put in place a strategy to help you achieve goals while taking into account your personal ethics.  Over time we will work with you to review and modify the strategy, to keep it up to date as your situation changes.

Accord Financial Strategies is a privately owned financial planning group set up in 2007.  The clients we help best are mum & dad investors and small business owners whom are open to receiving advice and willing to share their goals.

Our Belief ‘Investing and being socially responsible’

Believe it or not, you can grow your retirement nest egg and do good at the same time.  Ethical companies often thrive because they target industries of the future that solve problems and result in the more efficient use of the earth’s resources.

Today, this concept of investing with a conscience has led to the emergence of Socially Responsible and Ethical Investing.  Data shows that the ethical funds of today perform similar to non ethical options over the medium and long term.

Responsible or Ethical Investments enable you the investor to base your financial decisions on your convictions, end up with solid returns and make a positive contribution to our world.

You may be like many clients before they see us, with monies invested in superannuation and or non-superannuation investments whose underlying investments have exposure to companies whose practices may contravene one or all of your ethical issues.

We will work with you document your ethical concerns and then construct a portfolio that matches your ethical values while still aiming to perform for you over the medium to long-term.”