About Us

Working with you to achieve YOUR Financial & Lifestyle Goals

Accord Financial Strategies is a privately owned financial planning group with over 15 years experience working with both Personal and Business clients.

Based on Greenhill Road, Eastwood (a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia) our team offer an extensive range of investment, wealth creation, asset protection and lending services for clients spread across Australia.

Our financial advisers and partners manage a broad range of services and products which we recommend based on their quality and performance in relation to each of our clients’ individual needs.

We are not required to promote any particular products from any one provider. We purchase external research to assist us in assessing the suitability of investments to promote to our clients.

Our focus is first and foremost to ascertain your lifestyle goals and develop the specific financial strategies that will help achieve them. Once identified, we then source the most suitable products to achieve these goals.

As your partner, our desire is to work with you in the long term to build these goals while importantly ensuring you yourself are Involved, Informed and In-Control throughout the entire planning process.

In developing a workable strategy for each of our clients, Accord Financial Strategies take into careful consideration the following key points:

  • Your Lifestyle Goals
  • Your Required Rate of Return
  • Your Desired Timeframe
  • Your Available Assets for Allocation (cash flow)
  • Your comfortable level of Risk

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